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Is your child in Safe Hands

at School, Sports & Extracurricular activities?

Child safety is a serious concern among parents and caregivers in Australia.

Maybe you, like many others, have a hard time transferring responsibility to others with a duty of care.

Every parent shares in the fear of their children being out of their sight. That fear doesn’t seem to change from the time they head off to pre-school to the first time they drive away in a car on their own after passing their P’s or heading overseas on their first big adventure. That feeling in the pit of our stomach is one that parents know and one that never seems to leave. 

Oho recently worked with an independent research firm, Dynata, and surveyed over 600 parents or guardians of children under 18 years old to understand their awareness and concerns over child safety accreditations that organisations conduct with a duty of care.

The survey revealed that 81% of parents say they are concerned about the safety of their children when they are in the care of others.

Some staggering information for parents:

  • Every day, at least one Working With Children Check is revoked in most states and territories of Australia.
  • 95% of organisations ARE NOT verifying these checks regularly. Only 5% of organisations are competently verifying Working With Children Checks regularly after hiring new employees. 
  • For most organisations, the risk window is at best 12 months but some leave it up to three years between checks.

The Oho Parent Checklist

Our team created this checklist to help you as a parents ask good questions to relieve concerns before placing your children in a new school, sports club, dance or music lesson or other extracurricular activity:

Parents Child Safety Checklist

This is a checklist for parents who want to do their due diligence in checking the compliance of their children's school, sports club, music teacher, church and faith-based organisation or instructors and teachers in other extracurricular activities.

"*" indicates required fields

Name of the person who provided you with the answers to these questions.
When are your teachers, instructors, leaders accreditations (Working with Children Check, Teacher Registration) checked?*

Does the organisation sight and verify documentation confirming the identity and accreditations of it’s staff and volunteers?*
Does the organisation CONTINUOUSLY verify employee and volunteer checks?*
If applicable, does the organisation check and verify its board members Working with Children checks?
Parents Name:
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If you have answered ‘No’ or ‘Unsure’ to any of these three questions, there is cause for concern, and Oho will follow up with the organisation on your behalf. We will not share your details; instead, we will inform the organisation that a parent has expressed concern. We aim to ensure that organisations have the best tools to comply with the current Working With Children Legislation

Download and Print

If You prefer writing on paper

You can download this checklist in a printable format if you prefer to write in a printed form.

Complete the answers as you check the questions with the organisation and send a photo of the form to our dedicated email