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Disclaimer: the stories linked below cover some uncomfortable topics that may difficult to read for some people.

These stories are why Oho exists. Our mission is to help safeguard the vulnerable people in Australia. 

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Private school peak body that investigated Cranbrook teacher had child sex offender on its board at the time

27 March, 2024
Author: Amy Greenbank and Xanthe Gregory

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Medical Board Imposed Restrictions on Doctors at Clinic Linked to Abortion Death

17 March, 2024
Author: Melissa Cunningham and Aisha Dow

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Integrity Care and directors charged over death of Adelaide woman Ann Marie Smith

10 June, 2022
Author: Eugene Boisvert and Rebecca Brice

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Two men jailed for decades for hundreds of child abuse offences in NSW

7 May, 2024
Author: Jamie McKinnell

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