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Secure your people with 100% confidence they are safe to work.

Streamline your recruitment process and onboard quickly to reduce your time to hire.  

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Reduce time to hire.

Compliant recruitment with Oho.

Compliant from hire.

Be sure your recruit is safe to work before you hire with a verified point of truth.

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Secure your hire.

Don’t lose a great recruit; speed up your background checks for maximum efficiency.

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Streamline the process.

Screen all your candidates at once in one location for ease of recruitment.

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Improved Workflow.

More Compliant.

Ensure your staff are compliant and safe to work when they walk through the doors. Screen all candidates at once in one location, reduce the manual effort, save on cost, and secure your hire.


Solutions for your organisation.

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Reduce your administration burden by 80%




for completely automated recruitment background screening



Reduce time to hire to secure your team member

Start to End Screening with Oho

Recruitment Screening

Initial screening that ensures your employees are safe to work. Integrate Oho into your hiring process to reduce time to hire and ensure compliance.

Continuous Screening

Ongoing credential screening to protect your organisation and continually check the suitability of your employees, volunteers and contractors.