Features - Oho

Protect and detect your organisation, on your terms.

Oho is your partner for initial and ongoing credential screening that reduces admin and ensures 100% compliance, so you can be confident your organisation is protected.

Faster Screening & Onboarding

Speed up your worker screening processes and be 100% confident your employees, contractors and volunteers are accredited and safe. Streamline your employee onboarding and recruitment with Oho’s technology

More Compliant & Audit Ready

Oho ensures your organisation is compliant with worker accreditation screening and provides an audit trail of all data. Oho rapidly notifies you of any accreditation status changes for all employees, contractors and volunteers so you can act fast.

Smarter Automation

Oho is more than expiry management. There is no other technology in this space! Oho verify credentials against live government portals, and ensure you are rapidly notified when status changes. Oho is essential in protecting your organisation and its vulnerable people.

Reduce Manual Handling

Reduce time and eliminate spreadsheets with Oho. Oho manages your accreditations, so you don’t have to. Reduce the manual handling of data and ensure your data is compliant. Oho notifies you of a status change so you can save time.

Ensure Security of Data

Say goodbye to spreadsheets with oho! All your worker accreditation data in one location, easy access for HR & admin staff to verify credentials and check credential compliance for all employees, contractors & volunteers.

Simple & Central

Oho’s simple platform integrates with so many HR & payroll software systems, to make your job easy. Oho allows multi-site visibility, 100% compliance, and its user-friendly dashboard keeps all data in the same location, a one-stop-shop.

Oho's state-of-the-art technology provides initial and ongoing credential verification so you can be confident your workforce is safe and your organisation is protected.

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