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Stay compliant and protect your people with Oho.

Ongoing screening and continuous credential verification to make sure your organisation is compliant and safe.

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Rapid Notification

Oho provides immediate notification of status changes so that you can take action when you need to. Stay on top of your workers, volunteers and contractors to ensure 100% compliance and safety for your people.

Central Location

All your credentials in one place. Oho provides a centralised location to keep your worker accreditations so you don’t have to cross-check with other databases. Make your job easier with Oho.

Reduce The Risk of Manual Error

Oho removes the need for spreadsheets and reduces the risk of manual error. Streamline your HR processes and ensure accurate data, continuous verification and a safe-to-work organisation.

Streamlined process.

More compliant.


Remove the need for spreadsheets and access all your organisation’s credential data in the one place. Oho provides a centralised location to reduce HR admin and streamline your verification process. Keep compliant with Oho.

Protect your people, one accreditation at a time.


  • Bulk upload your worker information into the Oho platform
  • Work with the Oho team to clean your data and ensure accuracy
  • View all your staff, volunteer and contractor accreditations collectively in the Oho dashboard, knowing your data is secure
  • Get immediately notified of a status change so you can be on the front foot for keeping your organisation compliant

Solutions for your organisation.

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Oho protects over

2.9 million people




Start to End Screening with Oho

Recruitment Screening

Initial screening that ensures your employees are safe to work. Integrate Oho into your hiring process to reduce time to hire and ensure compliance.

Continuous Screening

Ongoing credential screening to protect your organisation and continually check the suitability of your employees, volunteers and contractors.