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Why would you say no to Oho?

March 2022
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The world can be a dangerous place and, we don’t have to look far to find sinister activities happening right under our noses. Whether it be within the school grounds, whilst competing in a sport or even within work environments, abuse is prevalent in all spaces and yet organisations are not doing enough to maintain continuous compliance. Yet, Oho is available. A tech solution designed to help organisations protect those in their care.

So the question has to be asked, ‘Why would any organisation say “no” to Oho?

What is Oho? Oho is a purpose-led social venture, established to meet the growing need for continuous monitoring of workers and volunteers who are responsible for vulnerable people. 

Oho’s cloud-based national verification platform continuously monitors the registration status of people required to have verified credentials as a condition of their employment.

Verifiable credentials registers are administered by a range of state and federal government agencies. Verification is required by law; it considers the criminal history and professional conduct of workers and volunteers to ensure vulnerable people such as children, people with disability and the elderly are protected.

Oho technology stores all verification records securely and transparently, establishing a secure, enduring & independent audit trail thus providing the most robust capability available. Data contributes to an overall record-keeping continuum: a permanent ledger of organisational compliance.

“Even if one person is saved from abuse, Oho will be successful. But we have the capacity to protect millions of Australians by using technology for good.”

Why Oho? Organisations are at risk and people are asking for assurance that people in their care are protected. 

Organisations need to be aware that fines, imprisonment and reputational losses are some of the high costs they could face if they fail to meet their legal obligations to protect the people in their care.

Employing a person in child-related work without a valid Working with Children Check could incur penalties from $10,000s to $100,000s. And in several states, the failure of senior executives and members of governing bodies to hold a valid Working with Children Check could result in jail time.

Know your risk and limit your organisation’s exposure.

88% of parents support a technological solution that could help with monitoring and alert service providers in due time. According to the ‘The Australian Child Safety-Check Study’ conducted by independent research firm, Dynata.

If you neglect compliance, your organisation is at risk.

1. The onus is on you to verify, check and record worker and volunteer accreditations for the regions within which you work.

There is no ground left for being uncertain of your organisation’s compliance, and paper-based records or Excel spreadsheets are not only putting your audit trail at risk but also the people in your care.

2. You may need to demonstrate you have been compliant to the relevant regulator or in legal proceedings.

With our automatic compliance system in place, your organisation can quickly demonstrate and report on your compliance, and establish a strong foundation of trust with regulators, customers, workers, and ultimately the community.

3. You want to limit your exposure to a potential breach, which could result in fines or even imprisonment.

Oho has found that organisations are typically exposed for periods of 1 to 3 years. With Oho, you can reduce this risk with regular, ongoing, automated checks. . Oho not only continuously checks, but alerts you immediately when there has been a breach or a change in accreditation. Oho is always on and always watching

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Working With Children Checks are an important way our legal system keeps vulnerable Australians safe, but most organisations are not aware of the scope of their obligations due to varying legal requirements across states, territories, and industries.

Oho’s free Guide To Compliance For Working With Children Checks helps managers and business owners make sense of those obligations, so you can be confident you are protected.

Download the Guide to Compliance

Knowing all of the above, the question must be asked of organisations who manage accreditations, “Why would you say no to Oho?” It is said that knowledge is information learned, while wisdom is the ability to use that knowledge in a profound way. So, knowledge is a part and wisdom is the whole. Wisdom goes beyond learning facts and includes making sense of those facts. 

We have presented the facts, and now we must ask, ‘Why would you say no to Oho?” Book your obligation free Oho demonstration today.

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