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Boost confidence with automated continuous verifications

Take the stress out of verifying teacher, staff and volunteer Working with Children checks and remove uncertainty by automating verifications to keep your educational institution compliant.

Manually verifying Working with Children Checks can be inefficient and inaccurate – leaving your students and organisation vulnerable to predators. Use the Oho platform to automate and take the stress out. Oho will help you stay on top of the employee and volunteer accreditations to protect the people in your care.  

Avoid the workload of manual record-keeping and Working with Children Checks and free up valuable time to work on other critical staff development tasks. Stop exposing your institution to the risk of falling behind and missing essential information that makes for a potentially unsafe environment. Use Oho to automate these crucial processes.

Oho will automate the labour-intensive process of ongoing verifications to increase the frequency of checks and speed up the safekeeping of your community.

Use Oho to access up to date verifications and boost confidence in your compliance through continuous validation of your staff and volunteer records.  

Don’t wait for students and families to report inappropriate behaviour – in fact, relying on this is a breach of the law – put proactive systems in place to protect children from being exposed.

88% of parents support a technological solution that could help monitor and alert service providers in due time, according to the The Australian Child Safety-Check Study conducted by independent research firm, Dynata. 

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Grace Tame Australian of the Year & Advocate for Survivors of Sexual Assault
It’s not acceptable for a child to be at a greater risk because of weak administration processes. Oho is a way to increase the safety of the vulnerable.
Grace Tame
Australian of the Year & Advocate for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Features to protect students

and keep your organisation safe!
  • Continuous Validation: Put your Working with Children Checks and Teacher Registions on autopilot. No more double or triple handling. Enter card details once and let Oho do the rest. Teachers, Support Staff and Volunteer Accreditations will be verified automatically every week.
  • Rapid Notification: Never miss an important update. Gauge your organisation’s position on the Oho dashboard. Automatically receive email notifications when accreditation is due to expire, has expired, has been suspended or has been revoked.
teacher accreditation verification

Is your organisation at risk of non-compliance?

Invest 2 minutes to assess your current policies, procedures and systems.

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Critical information

at your fingertips!

  • Automated board reports: Receive monthly reports to confirm ongoing compliance, the number of records verified and time saved with Oho. 
  • Evidence of due diligence: Say goodbye to paper-based records and excel spreadsheets that can be lost or tampered with. Exceed the expectations of your auditors. Get a secure and enduring audit trail, accessible now and into the future.

  • Expiry management: Oho expiry management covers common accreditations you can’t verify such as National Police Checks and first aid certificates. Use common accreditations or build your own such as coach, chaplain, or crisis trainer (anything you like).
  • All in one place: Choose to use the Oho interface or integrate it into your HR application to ensure a single source of truth for all verifiable and expiry based accreditations.

Risk & Compliance Assessment

for schools & educational institutions
child-related work Working with Children

Did you know? If a school does not comply with minimum standards, the regulator can suspend or cancel your registration, prohibit your school from enrolling new students and demand that a report of non-compliance is sent to all parents.

It is critical for your risk management to have insights into all aspects that affect the compliance of your school or educational institution.

Consider the following questions that are critical to your compliance: 

  • Do you know who in your organisation needs a valid Working with Children Check? 
  • How often do you need to validate checks and verifications? 
  • Do you have adequate policies, procedures and systems in place to provide an enduring audit trail? 
  • Do you monitor all relevant checks continuously to prevent any accreditations from being lapsed, suspended or revoked?

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Guide to Compliance for Working with Children Checks

Know your risk and limit your organisation’s exposure

Working With Children Checks are an important way our legal system keeps vulnerable Australians safe, but many educational institutions and organisations are not aware of the scope of their obligations due to varying legal requirements across states, territories, and industries.

Oho’s free Guide To Compliance For Working With Children Checks helps managers and business owners make sense of those obligations, so you can be confident you are protected.

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Rebecca Cody Principal Geelong Grammar School
Oho is a fundamental component of our safeguarding strategy. Providing a systematic, ongoing and regular validation of credentials for staff, contractors and volunteers, Oho strengthens the continued care of our students by enabling swift opportunity for an immediate response in the event of an alert.
Rebecca Cody
Principal, Geelong Grammar School

Do not neglect compliance

it means your school community is at risk

The onus is on you to verify, check, and record staff, teacher and volunteer accreditations for your regions.

There is no ground left for being certain of compliance or not, and paper-based records or excel spreadsheets are not just putting your audit trail at risk but also the students in your care.

Demonstrate that you are compliant if queried by relevant regulators or in legal proceedings.

With an automatic compliance system in place, your school or educational institution can quickly demonstrate compliance and establish a strong foundation of trust with regulators, customers, workers, and ultimately the community.

Limit your exposure to a potential breach, which could result in fines or even imprisonment.

Oho has found that organisations may be exposing people in their care to unsafe employees for 1 to 3 years. With Oho, you can reduce this to a maximum of 7 days.

Oho exists to help you prevent abuse!

Protect the students, teachers and staff of your educational institution.

Invest 2 minutes of your time to assess whether your organisation lives up to its obligations and is compliant with current legislation.

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young girl smiling on playground

Penalties that may apply if you fail to meet your obligations under different working with children check schemes can include:

  • Employing a person in child-related work without a valid Working with Children Check may result in significant penalties – for example, in New South Wales, the penalty for organisations is up to $11,000; in Victoria, this is up to $198,260
  • Employing a person in child-related work when prohibited, suspended, or disqualified from doing so may attract a penalty and/or imprisonment. For example, in Queensland, this may result in 2 years imprisonment and/or fines up to $26,690.
  • The failure of senior executives and members of governing bodies to hold a valid Working with Children Check may result in imprisonment and/or penalties in some states. For example, in Queensland, this is up to 5 years imprisonment and/or penalties of $66,725.
  • Other penalties apply where there has been a failure to: verify information, confirm the type of Working with Children Check provided or maintain effective record-keeping practices.

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