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“Our Mission to Save Children”: New Anti-Abuse Technology

7 June 2021

The start-up technology business, Oho, allows organisations that work with children, such as schools and childcare centres, to continuously monitor the background checks of their employees.

High Performance Vs Win-At-All-Costs — Lessons From The Workplace Culture Of Sport

26 May 2021

Rogers says that according to current estimates, there are 150 thousand children that are involved in organisations that have signed up to the platform. However, with 4.7 million children in Australia, there is a lot of work to be done to ensure that all children and vulnerable communities are protected.

Minicast: Prioritising A Safe Workplace Culture

24 May 2021

Oho is a cloud-based platform that monitors employee’s verifiable credentials, notifying their customer organisations when the registers flag their employees accreditations such as criminal history and working with childrens checks as out of date or called into question.

A new tech start-up promises to increase protection of all vulnerable people from malpractice and abuse.

14 May 2021

Oho co-founder and chairperson Daniel Muggeridge said that their research demonstrated that Australian families believe organisations are continuously monitoring worker accreditation, such as Working With Children checks.

Using new technology to help stop child predators.

11 May 2021

A new national initiative called Oho is helping stop red flag predators before they strike. 

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