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Oho is a purpose-led social venture, established to meet the growing need for continuous monitoring of workers and volunteers who are responsible for vulnerable people.

Our cloud-based national verification platform continuously monitors the registration status of people required to have verified credentials as a condition of their employment.

Verifiable credentials registers are administered by a range of state and federal government agencies. Verification is required by law; it considers the criminal history and professional conduct of workers and volunteers to ensure vulnerable people such as children, people with disability and the elderly are protected.

Oho technology stores all verification records securely and transparently establishing a secure, enduring, independent audit trail and providing the most robust capability available. Data contributes to an overall record-keeping continuum: a permanent ledger of organisational compliance.

Compliant with privacy laws, data input during the verification process remains confidential and is not captured or shared. The verification footprint of the individual is visible, and any breach will trigger an alert for any organisation the person works for, or has worked for, in the Oho network.

The Oho distributed ledger records each time accreditations are initially verified and any subsequent change in status, so compliance can be demonstrated at any time to organisation leaders, auditors and regulatory agencies.

Oho replaces inadequate paper-based or spreadsheet record-keeping, negating the common risk of periodic or the more common practice of no ongoing verification of employee credentials after onboarding.

Furthermore, our platform manages the complexity of verifying employees working in different services and sectors, in different jurisdictions and different credentials.

Oho is the only provider that delivers permanent and perpetual proof of verification.

Even if one person is saved from abuse, Oho will be successful. But we have the capacity to protect millions of Australians by using technology for good.

Our team asked ourselves — how could we play our part in stopping abuse and the negligent harm of people in care?

We had to acknowledge that some people will always seek to abuse others, but we can build fences around them. That’s why we created Oho. A system that keeps watch, everyday.

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