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Sports Club CEO, Sarah Loh talks about child safety

March 2022
2 mins

The core business of South Junior Melbourne Football League is running a football club. That’s what they do, and according to sports club CEO Sarah Loh, child safety is the bottom line.

They need to do everything they can to make sure kids are safe.

The best decision in this regard was to implement Oho as a platform that gives the organisation the level of confidence they need to know they are doing everything to keep those in their care safe.


Kids are their business so safety is paramount. In 2021, the SMJFL comprised 25 member clubs, 10,942 registered boy and girl players, 479 teams and 647 registered umpires (males and females). The league provides competitions for girls from U10 to U18, for mixed teams from U8 to U14 and for boys from U15 to U17 ½ (information via the SMJFL website)

Their motto is “It’s about the kids” and with that, they have a strong focus on child safety and compliance with relevant legislation and this is where Oho is helping them.

Learn more about your obligations as a sports club and take the Working With Children Risk & Compliance Assessment for your organisation here.








Photo Credit: Chris Karamihos @christophoto29

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