The Oho badge is here. And here’s how it can help you. - Oho

The Oho badge is here. And here’s how it can help you.

August 2021
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Secure your clients’ trust with the new Oho badge.

Behind every compliant organisation, there are safeguarding systems in place that are always keeping watch. But how do you show your customers that your internal practices are going above and beyond in meeting your responsibilities to protect those in your care?

With the Oho badge, you can.

To demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to safety, Oho has created a unique badge for its customers. This acts as a third-party point of proof, signifying that your workers and volunteers are always accredited.

One look at the badge, and the community can know you are verified and trustworthy.

How to apply the Oho badge

A flexible visual device, the Oho badge can be used across your organisation’s owned assets and platforms or external communications – be it within content, advertising, or on your website.

This could be:

  • As part of a campaign, like the ‘5-star rating’ or ‘green tick of approval’
  • In the footer of their website, where it is always visible to those who want to learn more about you
  • Alongside existing graphic elements, as a form of co-branding, to show you are committed to working with other well-intended, credible organisations
  • As support in media relations for improving the public’s perception of your organisation

Wherever or however, it is applied, the Oho badge offers a stamp of endorsement that people can trust you. And trust is the foundation of any relationship – business or personal.

When you use the Oho badge, you lay the foundation of trust that is required for people to do business with you.

With consumer confidence at an all-time low and the onus now on organisations with an obligation to protect those in their care to do everything in their capacity for preventing abuse and neglect, there is no excuse for being uncertain that your workforce is safe.

Oho exists to help your organisation focus on what matters; the quality of care that it delivers to vulnerable people every single day.

Try Oho today with a free 7-day trial. It’s simple to get started and no payment details are required.

With Oho, you can safeguard your organisation and those in your care. If you’re still unsure, reach out to us via the contact form and we can share more information about how our products can help you.

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