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Why we do what we do

March 2021
Luke Benson (Read Time: 2 minutes)

In late-2016 I was given a chance to be part of a new project with a small group of colleagues from Blue Bike Solutions. A chance to build a new solution to a very old problem.

We called our product “Duty of Care”. Our mission was both simple and complex. We were going to make vulnerable people safer. The ‘why’ is self-evident. The ‘how’ demanded serious innovation.

I was still struggling through the aftermath of giving evidence as a survivor at the Royal Commission. But this project created a spark of hope for me, a light at the end of the tunnel, just at the right time.

And now, we are Oho. Our name has changed, but our mission has not; it will never change. We now have multiple customers, spanning all of Australia; from national sporting bodies, to kid’s overnight camps, to church groups, to ride-share companies.

There are already over 8,000 employees, volunteers, coaches, parents, nurses, mentors and more on the platform. We estimate over 50,000 vulnerable people are now protected by Oho. And we’re only just getting started.

We have revolutionised the way organisations can prevent harm. We give our customers the rare ability to be proactive in a context that is devastatingly reactive. We capture all the evidence organisations need to demonstrate their full-compliance with new and changing laws and standards.

I’ve walked a long, hard journey with the Oho team – it took a long time to even start the healing. It’s not a straight line, there’s no such thing as closure, but there has always been hope. Oho is hope. Oho is growing. Oho works. Oho is smart. And Oho flies

And like the owl that symbolises who we are and why we exist, we will never avert our eyes.

Luke Benson, Oho founding team member. March, 2021.

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