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Simplify and strengthen safeguarding.
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A revolutionary way to store, track and continuously monitor employee, contractor and volunteer accreditations; the smartest way to stop compliance breaches and strengthen safeguarding.

Say goodbye to paper based records and excel spreadsheets that can be lost or tampered with.
Demonstrate your compliance with an auditable, permanent record of checks that will be accessible forever.

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Rebecca Cody Principal Geelong Grammar School
Today, Oho is a fundamental component of our safeguarding strategy. Providing a systematic, ongoing and regular validation of credentials for staff, contractors and volunteers, Oho strengthens the continued care of our students by enabling swift opportunity for an immediate response in the event of an alert.
Rebecca Cody
Principal Geelong Grammar School
Women and man volunteers at Southern cross kids camp smiling
Oho has taken us to a new level in not only ensuring our volunteers are appropriately credentialed, but is also saving us hours in doing so. We love partnering with Oho to help keep kids safe! These guys are champions!
Peter Lusk
General Manager Southern Cross Kids Camps, March 2020
3D version of oho’s logo u-shape and spheres staked on top of each other

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