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Most organisations are not aware of their risks from complex legal requirements. Are you?

Fines, imprisonment, and reputational losses are some of the high costs an organisation could face if it fails to meet its legal obligations to protect the people in its care.

Employing a person in child-related work without a valid Working with Children Check could cost a penalty of up from $10,000s to $100,000s. And in several states, the failure of senior executives and members of governing bodies to hold a valid Working with Children Check could result in jail time.

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Working With Children Risk & Compliance Assessment


Invest 2 minutes of your time to assess whether your organisation lives up to its obligations and is compliant with current legislation.

Organisations working with children and vulnerable people have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure the safety of every person in their care. Working With Children Checks is a critical tool in building a safer community, but there is more to it than most organisations realise.

Do you know what checks are needed and how often? Do you have a  secure and enduring audit trail that keeps you compliant? Are you aware of who can be held accountable (beyond the perpetrator) and what penalties they may face for non-compliance?

Oho has verified over 1 million accreditations since launch. Customers have used Oho’s regular checks to discover red flags resulting in the instant dismissal of staff and volunteers. Our customers use Oho to ensure their organisation’s safety and every person in their care.

Working With Children Risk & Compliance Assessment
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