Features - Oho

Making the vulnerable safer through:

1. Continuous validation

Put your checks on auto pilot. No more double or triple handling. Enter card details once and let Oho do the rest. Accreditations will be verified automatically every week.

2. Rapid notification

Never miss an important update. Gauge your organisation’s position at the Oho dashboard. Automatically receive email notifications when an accreditation is due to expire, has expired or has been revoked.


4. Expiry management

Oho expiry management covers common accreditations you can’t verify such as National Police Checks and first aid certificates. Use common accreditations or build your own such as coach, chaplain, or crisis trainer (anything you like).

3. Evidence of due diligence

Say goodbye to paper based records and excel spreadsheets that can be lost or tampered with. Exceed the expectations of your auditors. Get a secure and enduring audit trail, accessible now and into the future.



5. All in one place

Choose to use the Oho interface or integrate to your HR application to ensure a single source of truth for all verifiable and expiry based accreditations.


Currently we can verify:


Soon we’ll be adding…