Gymnastics in Australia is committed to the safety, wellbeing, and empowerment of all children accessing our programs and services, with signed commitment statements by the GA President and all member State and Territory Association presidents alongside a commitment statement co-signed by the Gymnastics Australia CEO and the Executive Directors of all State and Territory Associations. These two documents and the actions surrounding them along with our strategic alliance with Oho combine to put Gymnastics Australia ahead of the curve for child safety and preventing harm.
Brooke Irvine
National Child Safety Manager, Gymnastics Australia
Young boy playing hanging upside down in tree
Women and man volunteers at Southern cross kids camp smiling
Southern Cross Kids Camps interrupts the cycle of abuse and neglect by conducting 5-day camping programs. Oho has taken us to a new level in not only ensuring our volunteers are appropriately credentialed, but is saving us hours in doing so. We love partnering with Oho to help keep kids safe! These guys are champions!
Peter Lusk
General Manager Southern Cross Kids Camps
Members of our Geelong Grammar School community have faced significant challenges from the hurt of the past. In recent years, the School has been working to provide an authentic response to survivors of sexual abuse. In a letter to the School community in June 2018 our Principal, Rebecca Cody, observed: "I have met with survivors and I am deeply sorry for their pain and suffering: to be sorry though, is not enough; complying with the new legislation is not enough - we need to set an example and lead. We need to move forward by recognising the devastating impacts and effects of childhood sexual abuse and by never losing sight of the learnings from them." The Geelong Grammar School community is guided by many committed individuals who have listened and learned. They are collaboratively working to lead the way through challenging times. The School has partnered with Oho (formerly known as dutyof.Care). This allows the School to conduct real-time Working With Children Checks (WWCC) in order to further safeguard child safety processes. Oho provides email notifications if a WWCC is due to expire, has expired or has been revoked and has allowed for a move away from internal record keeping to an auditable, permanent record of checks. The School’s partnership with Oho assists in its continued prioritisation of the safety of all current students.
Geelong Grammar School

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