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Top 5 Community Podcasts you need to listen to.

January 2024
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Podcasts have become powerful platforms for sharing stories, insights, and ideas. If you’re passionate about community, social impact, and making a difference, these top 5 community podcasts are a must-listen. Each podcast offers a unique perspective on purpose-driven endeavours, change-making, innovation, and the exceptional human stories that drive social impact. 


1. Humans of Purpose 

Humans of Purpose is a podcast that dives deep into the stories of individuals making a positive impact in their communities. Hosted by Mike Davis, this podcast explores the purpose and motivation that drives change-makers. From nonprofit leaders to social entrepreneurs, Humans of Purpose captures the essence of the human stories behind impactful initiatives. The interviews delve into the personal and professional journeys of these individuals, offering insights and inspiration to the listeners. 

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2. Innovate for Impact  

Innovate for Impact is a podcast that focuses on innovation in the social impact sector. Hosted by Dan Bentley and Tracy Newman, this podcast explores how individuals and organizations are using innovative approaches to create positive change. Innovate for Impact showcases real-world examples of innovative solutions that address complex social and environmental challenges. The discussions are not only insightful but also provide a roadmap for listeners looking to make a meaningful impact through innovative thinking. 

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3. ChangeMakers 

ChangeMakers is a podcast hosted by Amanda Tattersall, exploring the art of social change. This podcast engages with activists, community organizers, and thought leaders who are actively making a difference. ChangeMakers delves into the strategies, challenges, and successes of various social change movements. Amanda Tattersall’s insightful interviews provide listeners with a behind-the-scenes look at the impactful work being done globally to address critical social and environmental issues.  

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4. Creating Synergy 

Creating Synergy is a podcast that delves into the world of leadership, teamwork, and organizational culture. Hosted by Dr. Daniel Franco, this podcast explores the synergies that drive positive change within communities and organizations. The podcast features a range of leaders, experts, entrepreneurs and more, making Creating Synergy a valuable resource for individuals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills, along with fostering positive collaboration within their communities.  

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5. Better Heroes 

Better Heroes is a podcast that narrates exceptional human stories with a focus on social impact. Hosted by Matt C Smith, this podcast goes beyond the traditional narratives, highlighting the extraordinary efforts of individuals making a difference. Better Heroes explores the personal journeys, challenges, and triumphs of those dedicated to creating positive social change. Matt C Smith’s engaging interviews provide listeners with a deeper understanding of the human stories driving impactful initiatives around the world.  

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