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Oho’s 5 Steps to Accreditation Compliance

March 2023
3 minutes

Oho’s revolutionary technology solution minimises your administrative burden and ensures you’re 100% compliant for any audit or review. In 5 simple steps, we provide live ongoing verification for Working With Children Checks (WWCCs), Teachers Licences, AHPRA Registrations, NDIS Worker Cards and more, as well as in house accreditations such as First Aid certificates or vaccination records.

“Oho has… taken a very manual process to an automated one” – Peter Bain, Plenty Valley Christian College

Oho works to turn hours of manual data verification into a single automated and effortless process that is continuously working to save you time and resources.

Oho’s 5 simple steps to safeguarding your organisation and alleviating your administration stress.

Step 1 – COLLECT

Oho will help you collect and cleanse your Working with Children Checks, Teacher Registrations and AHPRA checks – plus any in-house accreditations like first aid certificates or vaccination records, eliminating standard errors and duplications.  They are all simply uploaded with a bulk import saving your administration team precious time.

Step 2 – STORE

With Oho, all your sensitive data is securely stored in one single, cloud-based location in perpetuity.  We can also link your employee, volunteers, and contractors to your organisation.

Step 3 – VERIFY

You can rely on Oho because it is always on working for your school. We verify your records, weekly, putting those tedious administrative tasks on autopilot.


Our notifications mean your teams are only teams are only dealing with exceptions and the automated verification process continuously updates your dashboard, saving hours of manual processing while your teams concentrate on more important tasks.

Step 5 – REPORT

Quick and easy reporting at the press of a button means you are ready for any audit – anytime and you can demonstrate 100% compliance to your board.

Oho’s advanced software not only ensure your organisation’s employees, volunteers and contractors are safe and accredited, but also reduces your administration time up to 80%, providing you with more time to focus on your to-do list.

“Any way we can create efficiency at a reasonable cost is going to be attractive” – Peter Bain, Plenty Valley Christian College

Oho is adaptable, cloud-based, always working, tailorable and free to try. Don’t let time-consuming accreditation administrative tasks continue to overwhelm you or your time pressured staff. Scalable, customisable and continuously working, Oho works behind the scenes to help you to do the right thing to protect students every step of the way to complete compliance.

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