Your next audit is just around the corner - is your school ready? - Oho

Your next audit is just around the corner – is your school ready?

February 2023
3 minutes

The Department of Education conducts regular and targeted audits, reviews and other assurance activities in schools across Victoria. Is your school ready for an audit?

The 2020 Worker Screening Act, 2022 revised Child Safe Standards and Ministerial Order 1359 demonstrate a momentous step forward for child safety in Victoria, placing the safety of our students and children as a priority. Many schools, however, are struggling to appropriately adapt and improve their child safety procedures to adhere to the new and evolving standards.

All Victorian schools must comply with the Minimum Standards, which are designed to provide a foundation for quality schools.  According to an update by the Commission of Children and Young People from January 2023 stronger penalties for failure to comply will apply.  Furthermore, director accountability is taking the spotlight for enforcing strong Child Safe Policies and Procedures in Victorian Schools.

All Victorian schools must demonstrate their worker credentials are current, record keeping systems are robust and active risk mitigation, aligned to the Child Safe Standards, is evident.


Can your school demonstrate compliance?

Audits are around the corner, and we want you to feel ready and confident that your school is 100% compliant and follows all safety obligations.


“The compliance burden on schools is significant. Schools are probably second to health as the most regulated environment in Australia.”

– Peter Bain, Plenty Valley Christian College


That’s where Oho comes in!

We help you manage risk, demonstrate compliance and prepare for your audit.

Our revolutionary software collects, store, verifies, maintains and reports on your accreditation information, such as Working With Children Checks (WWCCs), Teacher Licenses, and more. Oho is a smart technology, “always on” solution, that enables schools to achieve 100% accreditation compliance and relieves the compliance administration burden by up to 80%. Plus, it’s cost effective and will plug in to your existing systems or platforms.

Most commonly, schools have manual systems in place, but these are becoming unsustainable and no longer adequately meet the Standards for Child Safety. To minimise enforcement from auditors, schools must demonstrate continued, regular verification of worker records against live government portals.

Say goodbye to paper-based records and excel spreadsheets that can be lost or tampered with. Demonstrate your compliance with an auditable, permanent record of checks that will be accessible forever. Oho enables you to feel secure that your accreditation is correct, regularly checked and audit compliant.


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