Children under 16, who encounter child protection services are four times more at risk of death.

In June 2021, research from the University of South Australia confirmed that SA children who encounter child protection services are four times more at risk of death before the age of 16 because of neglect and child abuse.

If you work in education, childcare, sporting, or religious organisation, you make important decisions that affect our community’s most vulnerable every day.

Whether you’re an employee, contractor, volunteer, or the decision-maker who employs them – individuals especially the children under your care are most in need of safeguarding. Their protection is at the core of what you do.

How certain are we when...
…a senior public servant can cause harm to children in schools and go unnoticed for several years?

A former NSW Labor Party official and Catholic priest sexually abusing children and producing child abuse material overseas was the horrifying news many parents and teachers had to face.

…we continue being presented with the disturbing reality that can take place in our community’s childcare?

In September 2020, charges were laid against a former Adelaide childcare worker for procuring a child to commit an indecent act alongside producing and possessing child exploitation material.

…time and again, institutes’ safety policies and procedures are questioned for their effectiveness?

A former group of 20 females athletes at the Western Australian Institute of Sport’s (WAIS) now-defunct elite gymnastics program recently reported systemic physical and emotional abuse by their coaches.

When stories of abuse and misconduct keep surfacing, we must ask ourselves “how certain are we that our organisation is protecting those in its care?”
Oho exists to prevent these situations from happening in your care.
We protect you, so you can protect those in your care.

If you’re still unsure,

try Oho for 30 days free of charge.

The staff, contractors, and volunteers you employ are ultimately those who end up caring for – or harming – the people who are most in need of safeguarding.

Oho is committed to assisting you by automatically checking your workers’ accreditations every week, so when one is due to expire, has expired, or has been revoked – you can act immediately.

Currently, we verify a range of accreditations across multiple states including:

And soon, we’ll be adding:

Our pricing options are aimed at offering support to your organisation in any capacity that it requires.

Oho is already protecting an estimated 150,000 children in Australia. With your help, we can protect many more.

Young man training at a soccer field smiling at camera with friends in background
Our strategic alliance with Oho put Gymnastics Australia ahead of the curve for child safety and preventing harm.
Brooke Irvine
National Child Safety Manager, Gymnastics Australia