Almost two-thirds of people with a disability have experienced violence in their lifetime in Australia.

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In October 2020, the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability reported that almost two-thirds of people with disability have experienced violence in their lifetime in Australia.

If you work in disability, health, or aged care, you make important decisions each day that affect the most vulnerable.

Whether you’re an employee, contractor, volunteer, or the person who employs them – the patients and clients under your care are the ones most in need of safeguarding. Their protection is at the core of what you do.

What if someone you provide care for...
…was subjected to intimidation, bullying and sexual abuse by a staff member at your organisation’s disability support care home?

This was the experience of Maree’s autistic daughter, Jane, who was excited at the idea of living independently.

…with a disability was neglected and examined without consent by your hospital staff while seeking treatment for an unrelated condition?

This was the experience of Dev, who has Williams syndrome, is autistic and has a mild intellectual disability, while being admitted to a children’s hospital.

…was facing abuse and receiving poor quality of care from other aged care support workers when you were not around?

This was the experience of Palin, a primary carer for his client Daisy who has multiple sclerosis and dementia.

These are only 3 of the 38 devasting stories that were submitted to the Royal Commission for investigation.
Oho exists to prevent these situations from taking place.
We protect you, so you can protect those in your care.

If you’re still unsure,

try Oho for 30 days free of charge.

Be certain that your patients and clients are being kept safe.

With Oho, you can.

Oho is committed to raising the standards of safety so that the vulnerable people you work with are protected.

Under the Australian Human Rights Commission, employers are required to check that all members of their workforce – including paid staff, contractors, and volunteers – are suitable and safe to work with vulnerable people.

As a technology business, we aim to enable organisations to continuously monitor accreditations so that no Australian slips through the cracks of abuse.

Currently, we verify a range of accreditations across multiple states including:

And soon, we’ll be adding:

Our pricing options are aimed at offering support to your organisation in any capacity that it requires.

Oho is already protecting an estimated 150,000 children in Australia. With your help, we can protect many more.

The School’s partnership with Oho assists in its continued prioritisation of the safety of all current students.
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