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Oho closes the window of risk to a maximum of 7 days – for most organisations the risk window is at best 12 months but could be up to 3 years.

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Why Oho?

We have a founding premise: any incident is unacceptable. If choosing Oho saves just one person from abuse, it will have been an inestimably worthwhile investment – changing the life trajectory of that person, their family of origin, their future partner, their children, and community.

That’s why we exist, and that’s what drives us.

The outcomes of major incidences of reform, such as the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse, have shifted the burden of proof to organisations. Regulation in all Australian states is responding with more stringent requirements enshrined in law. For example, Victoria’s Child Safe Standards require organisations to demonstrate – at any time – they have taken every possible measure to provide a safe environment and must maintain personnel record-keeping for at least 45 years. All employers should regularly ask, ‘are we compliant’.

There is no middle ground between being certain of compliance and not. If all employees are not verifiably compliant at any point in time, the risk cannot be justified to customers, their families and fellow workers, as well as stakeholders and investors.

Australia lacks national schemes, with state agencies responsible for verifications registration in their jurisdiction but without uniform processes, requirements or integration. This is unlikely to change due the structure of federation and state responsibility for criminal law. Not only does this situation creates a complex management challenge for organisations working across state borders and/or providing services to a diverse customer base but even within states, a heavy administrative burden to ensure the workforce and volunteer base is compliant with accreditations. Until Oho.

We designed Oho to overcome these complex challenges, as well as the everyday issues faced by managers.

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